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NEW! Hair Replacement Systems!

Trichologist Steven Goldsworthy and Award Winning Stylist Josh Goldsworthy are now officially specialists in Hair Replacement Systems after an intensive training day with Novo Cabelo.

Novo Cabelo - meaning 'new hair' in Portuguese - are a forward thinking company who deliver education to the highest standard in hair replacement systems.

​Founded by industry professionals, Novo Cabelo also supply the best quality hair systems to their customers.

​Permanent hair loss is life changing to any man or woman. It can result in low confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

​Novo Cabelo are focused on fashion, image and enhancement. This is a modern approach to hair replacement, and Goldsworthy's couldn't be happier to be associated with them.

So what is a hair replacement system? A hair replacement system is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure where human or synthetic hair is added to a thin base or foundation, which in turn is attached to the scalp by a variety of methods. There are subtle differences between a hair system and a wig, for example, a wig is usually larger in size and covers the entire scalp – they usually have an elastic perimeter so that the entire unit can fit snugly on the head. Hair replacement systems are similar to wigs except that they are smaller in size and are only attached to the thinning or bald areas and not the entire scalp.

In general, hair systems are preferable to hair transplants because it is a non-surgical option for hair loss. Nowadays, hair systems can look very natural and virtually undetectable by sight. Hair replacement systems are versatile and can work very well for almost anyone with hair loss. If done properly, you can have a gorgeous and naturally looking head of hair in relatively little time. You can style it in any way you prefer. It is no longer true that hair systems make people look like they are wearing “helmet” hair or a “rug” on the head.

Would a hair replacement system benefit you? Or maybe someone you know? Call us on 01793 523817 to book a consultation and we would be more than happy to give you more information and to start to process of a new hair journey!

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