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The Academy

With 62 years of experience, Goldsworthy's Hairdressing is renowned for in-depth, award winning education and shaping the future generation of Hairdressing icons.

The Academy allows all learners to study all the skills necessary to become a successful salon stylist, delve into the theory behind the hair, scalp and hair colour, and operate their own salon columns preparing them for the busy life of a stylist. Learner's will receive exciting opportunities during their training programme such as personalised training from brands such as GHD, Kerastase and L'Oréal, photoshoot and competition experience and the ability to assist the Goldsworthy's Art Team at industry events nation wide.


During the Academy clients are able to receive the same level of professionalism, quality and luxury of their usual services but at a discounted price, as well as helping our learners on their journey to qualification.

Being able to work on clients, and practice managing their own column allows our learners to grow their skills and confidence and helps to prepare them for real life salon scenarios. 

Currently run by Award Winning Senior Stylist and Colour Specialist Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy, along with guest mentoring from specialists and Salon Stylists, clients can relax with the knowledge that they are in safe hands in an observed environment, with guidance on hand. 

The Academy runs every Tuesday in the Swindon Salon.

Our Graduates say ...

The Academy training programme is very inclusive, catering for all types of learners whether you do well visually, practically or by taking in information first, it works for everyone.
The Academy has given me so many opportunities, such as industry competitions and Goldsworthys are always pushing me to my best potential. I am now a member of the Fellowship Clubstar Art Team and was a finalist the British Hairdressing Business Awards and the L'Oreal Colour Trophy and it’s all thanks to their support and guidance.

Lucy Boodell

Graduated in 2022 with a 98% DISTINCTION

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If you are interested in booking in to The Academy please call us on: 01793 523817

If you are interested in joining The Academy please email a CV to:

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