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Academy Girls have a master class with Founder Peter Goldsworthy!!

The Academy was lucky enough to have a visit AND a master class from none other than Goldsworthy's Founder Peter Goldsworthy.

Peter Goldsworthy started Goldsworthy's Hairdressing in 1961 with his wife Peggy under the name 'Peter of Mayfair'. Since then, it has developed into a multi-award winning salon group with an esteemed education programme and Academy.

Peter visited the Academy on September 13th to teach a master class in setting and pin curls, he said "Although sets aren't as popular in modern day hairdressing, the technique and skills required to do one correctly are invaluable to all hairdressers. They teach you dexterity and control and the technique can be applied in all other hair services."

It was a brilliant day, thank you for visiting Peter and sharing your knowledge with our rising stars!

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