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Blast/Rough Drying Hair:

Unfortunately, like the rest of the country, our energy prices have increased dramatically for the projection of 2023 which will greatly affect our running costs for the year to come. As we appreciate everyone is going through the same inflation we have tried our hardest not to increase our service prices yet to try and combat this.

However, we will be reinstating our charge for blast/rough drying hair when a blow-dry service is not booked as we just cannot afford to offer this as a free service.

There will be £5 blast/rough dry charge added to any colour services not followed by a blow-dry service to remove the excess water from the hair and to be able to see and check the colour. Alternatively if you do not require a blast/rough dry, hair can be towel dried.

For clients who use our Wet Cut service, this does not include the use of any hairdryers, hair will be shampooed, cut and towel dried. If you wish your hair to have a blast/rough dry to remove the excess water there will be a £5 charge.

In Swindon and Cirencester where we have the use of Assistants, we do have a discounted blow-dry service available for clients looking for an affordable alternative. Please ask at time of booking.

We hope you can understand the reasoning behind this decision as we strive to stay affordable whilst covering our overheads.

Thank you,

Goldsworthys x

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