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Josh & Sophie receive DISTINCTIONS in their Colour Degree's!

For 12 weeks, hairdressing siblings Josh & Sophie-Rose Goldsworthy have been travelling to the L'Oréal Academy in London once a week to attend a day of intense learning in all aspects of hair colouring at the L'Oréal Colour Specialist Programme.

This course covers everything from the science behind the hair and scalp, to the individual ingredients in each L'Oréal product that contributes to a beautiful hair colour.

Each week the duo have to complete online E-Learnings, assignments within the salon including supportive imagery and videos, multiple case studies as well as revision for the pending exams. Across the 12 week period they have completed 4 Assessments, 2 written exams, and 2 practical exams as well as submitting all of their homework and external learnings and we are SO PLEASED to announce that they have both qualified with DISTINCTIONS!

A Distinction is the highest possible grade boundary achievable in this course and we are so delighted for them and all of the hard work and dedication that they have put in to this programme.

The L'Oréal Colour Specialist programme is a nationally acclaimed programme equivalent to a degree in hair colouring, and not an easy feat! We cant wait to see what the pair do with their new knowledge and qualification, and will cheer them on at the Graduation Ceremony next year!

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