Hair Trend: Bobs & Lobs

Get The Look:  Bobs at Goldworthy’s Hair Salons in Cirencester, Swindon & Marlborough

One hair cut that never seems to go out of style is the bob! Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Charlize Theron and Emma Stone continue to rock a bob, showing that this hairstyle is here to stay. 

Our team at Goldworthy’s Hair Salons are here to give you the top tips and ins and outs when it comes to bobs, lobs and bowl haircuts. We promise to inspire you with modern twists on old classics when you book in for your hair cut!

The Classic Bob

If you prefer to stick to tradition, then keep in mind that a Classic Bob should be the same length all the way around your head. Then, the underneath is cut slightly shorter than the top sections so that the hair flips inwards. Traditionally, a Classic Bob is cut just below the chin, but this haircut can also be much shorter or longer!

The Lob

The Long Bob (or as we like to call it: the Lob) is basically the same as the Classic Bob but about an inch or two longer. Our expert stylists at Goldworthy’s will help you find the perfect bob to suit your facial features.

The A-Line Bob

An A-Line Bob is shorter at the back and angled in a sharp line so it’s longer towards the front. Traditionally, a classic A-Line Bob would be only one length, but recently clients want a graduated or stacked bob which is layered at the back.

The Graduated Bob

A Graduated Bob is shorter at the back and angled so it’s longer at the front. Usually the back is layered or stacked to create this graduated look that builds up to the shortest layers that are around three or four inches long.

The Asymmetrical Bob

Just like Asymmetrical clothing, the Asymmetrical Bob means that one side of your hair will be longer than the other at the front. Depending on what you want or what our expert stylists suggest, your Asymmetrical Bob can be layered and stacked or just all one length.

The Layered Bob

Yes, you guessed it, a Layered Bob means that layers will be added to your bob. This creates more movement and texture to your fabulous hairstyle.

The Purdey

The Purdey hairstyle got its name due to actress Joanna Lumley who wore this bowl-shaped bob for her character, Purdey, in The New Avengers on TV. This led it to be a top trend in the late 1970s, and is still worn today! This style is also called a page boy hairstyle because of the “pudding-basin” haircut of a late medieval page boy. This look really shows off a hairstyle that can withstand the tests of time.

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