The Best Hair Extensions at Top Hair Salons in Swindon, Marlborough & Cirencester

hair extensions, Goldsworthy's Hair Salons in Swindon, Marlborough and CirencesterHaving lovely long hair that is full of volume has never been so quick and affordable, thanks to the expert hair extensions service at Goldsworthy’s Hair Salons in Swindon, Marlborough and Cirencester.

We offer an excellent choice of high-quality hair extensions which can be fixed in place using numerous tried and tested methods such as bonded hair extensions, weft extensions and taped hair extensions.

Your first step when considering extensions is to book in for a complimentary hair extensions consultation so we can assess and colour match your hair, consider the look you want, and explain the options and prices available.

When booking a hair extension fitting we take a deposit equal to the value of the hair being ordered.  On the day of your appointment you will only need to pay for the fitting. We cannot book your appointment without the deposit.

Transform your hair with the best hair extensions near you




Why Choose Hair Extensions from Goldsworthy’s Hair Salons?

hair extension experts, goldsworthys hair salons, swindon, marlborough, cirencesterWe work closely with extensions specialists, Hair Rehab London and Balmain Professional to give you top quality extensions that look beautiful and natural. Both companies source the very best hair from the best suppliers and are committed to extensive research and ongoing quality checks on the hair they provide.  

When you come in for your fitting we will also offer you a home maintenance programme to help you keep your extensions looking as natural as your own hair.

Our hair extensions come in a wide range of lengths, hair textures and colours and we have several different methods of fitting the hair – to suit all budgets.  Please give us a call on the links below to book in for a complimentary hair extensions consultation at any one of our three hair salons.

Which Hair Extensions Should I Choose?

Your Goldsworthy hair extensions specialist will recommend the perfect extensions for the look your desire, your budget and hair type.  Below we explain some of the different types of extensions we offer:

Tape Extensions – Two small wefts of hair are attached by tape on top and underneath a section of your own hair to create gorgeous length and thickness. The wefts lie flat to give a natural look. Tape Extensions last between 6-8 weeks and can be reused by adding new tape strips.

Micro-Ring Extensions are the most popular way of adding extra hair. This is an innovative method of adding volume, colour, structure and length to your natural hair. The Fill-In Extensions are made of high quality 100% human hair and are attached to your hair using a small bond. They will remain in place for up to 3 months and will not damage the natural hair in any way. Once removed this hair can be refitted with new bonds, depending on the condition of the hair.

BALMAIN DoubleHair is an innovative way to add volume, colour or length to your own hair. DoubleHair is a 9cm wide hand-knotted strip of 40cm long human hair that is added to your natural hair using a small bond. This system allows the use of more hair with fewer bonds, making it kinder to your hair.  DoubleHair usually lasts between 8-12 weeks, with care.

BALMAIN Système Volume is a super fast bonded hair extension service. Available in a range of sumptuous colours, lengths and textures, these extensions can be fitted five times faster than traditional bonding systems.  We can add volume, increase density and lengthen your hair with Système Volume hair extensions which usually remain in place for up to three months.

BALMAIN Hair Dress offers natural looking hair in less than 5 minutes. The simple application requires no bonds, rings, tape or clips – just a subtle transparent strand that holds the Hair Dress in place without the risk of slipping  out. Hair Dress extensions are made from high quality human hair which is hand-dyed light and dark shades, for a multi-tonal effect. 

Book a Hair Extensions Consultation at Top Hair Salons in Marlborough, Swindon & Cirencester

Give your local Goldsworthy hair salon a call on the numbers below to book in for a hair extensions consultation.  

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