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At Goldsworthy’s we work closely with Balmain Hair, the global leading hair extension company. Steven and Joshua Goldsworthy are both named Global Ambassadors for the brand and work meticulously to ensure innovation in hair fashion is a priority.

We also work with Lauren Pope's Hair Rehab extensions. These extensions offer a wide range of colour choices and are of a fantastic quality.

Using the best quality hair and with a luxury home maintenance programme we can guarantee that your extensions will look as natural as you own hair.

Balmain Extensions don’t only offer additional length but can also be used to provide volume to fine hair, help you grow out that fringe, add colour or change your style without permanent commitment.





Fill-In Extensions are the most popular way of adding extra hair. It is an innovative method of adding volume, colour, structure and length to your natural hair. The Fill-In Extensions are made of high quality 100% human hair and are attached to your hair by using a small bond. They will remain in place for up to 3 months and will not damage the natural hair in any way.

DoubleHair is an innovative way to add volume, colour or length to your own hair with endless possibilities. DoubleHair is a 9cm wide hand-knotted strip of 40cm long human hair that is added to your natural hair using a small bond. This system allows the use of more hair with fewer bonds, making it kinder to your hair.

Hair Dress is a ground-breaking addition to the Balmain family offering flowing, naturally beautiful, amazing hair in less than 5 minutes. The simple application requires no bonds, rings, tape or clips – just a subtle transparent strand that holds the Hair Dress in place. With Balmain exploring the boundaries of colour Hair Dress offers amazing hand dyed blends of natural shades which give your hair luxury, subtleness and depth never experienced before.

Système Volume is a service that provides long lasting volume fulfilling the everyday hair desires. The process is 5 times faster than conventional bonding systems with two hair types to choose from offering the perfect individual solution. With Système Volume incorporating unique flattened bonds this system is undetectable in even the finest of hair.

The Elegance Collection from Balmain provides the ability to create instant updo’s in various styles with a clip-in fringe, ponytail and other innovative hair pieces.