At Goldsworthy's we understand that the perfect wedding demands a special look and our committed team are on hand to help achieve it.

When you entrust us with your hair for this Special day, this is what we offer you within our Bridal Package:

  • A full consultation with product advice to get your hair in peak condition for the day.
  • Priority Booking.
  • A rehearsal for the Bride approximately two weeks before the big day.
  • The bride’s hair-do including placing Headdress and Veil on the day.

We can also accommodate:

  • Your bridesmaids
  • Those special V.I.P.’s the Bride’s & Groom’s Mothers
  • Your guests


At your practice session remember things can be changed on the day, the idea of a practice session it to ensure that both you and your stylist are completely happy with the concept of the finished look.

If you are planning to have your hair up on the day it is advisable to shampoo and style as normal the previous day as freshly shampooed hair can be too ‘slippy’ to retain the fastenings and to that effect take special note of our advice in the type of shampoo/conditioner regime beforehand for the same reason.

Remember on the day to wear a button through top, so as not to pull your top over your bridal hairstyle.

If your headdress or veil has a comb for attachment, ensure the comb faces the right way (the wrong way is a very common problem, we will advise at the practice session).

If wearing fresh flowers in your hair ensure the florist does not spray them with water as if they are damp your lovely hairstyle will droop! Finally do not forget to bring your headdress with you for both the practice session and especially on the day

The perfect wedding deserves the perfect bride!